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R J Theodore (they/she) has written multiple short stories and several books, including the Peridot Shift and Phantom Traveler series.

Author, a white queer individual with side-shaved auburn hair and a purple-blue shifting dupioni eyepatch, wearing a gray cotton jacket with various enamel pins and a green scarf depicting mushrooms over a black tank top which reads "The Void: No Light. No Hope. No Problem." Their jewelry includes stretched lobes with gray silicone eyelets, ash and brass coil earrings, a multi-layered septum ring, and under their scarf: leather, metal and crystal necklaces. They stand before a red barn-slatted wall. They are looking into the camera with a slight smile and lifted eyebrows.

R J Theodore

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R J Theodore (they/she) is an author, graphic designer, and all-around collector of creative endeavors. They enjoy writing about magic-infused technologies, first contact events, and bioluminescing landscapes.

Theodore’s love of fantastic storytelling developed through grabbing for anything-and-everything “unicorn” as a child, but they were subverted by tales of distant solar systems when their brother introduced them to Star Trek: The Next Generation at age seven. A few years later, Sailor Moon taught them stories can have both.

Their short fiction can be found in Metastellar, Lightspeed, and Fireside Magazines, as well as the anthologies Glitter + Ashes, Unfettered Hexes, and Bridge to Elsewhere. They live in New England, haunted by their childhood cat. Find more information at rjtheodore.com.

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R J Theodore (they/she) is an author and graphic designer. Their short fiction has appeared in Lightspeed and Fireside Magazines as well as the award-winning Glitter + Ashes and Unfettered Hexes anthologies from Neon Hemlock Press. Learn more at rjtheodore.com

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