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4 Works published in 2021

Illustration by Maria Korolov based on image by Wilbert_Rodriguez via Pixabay.
“A Ship With No Parrot”

Genre(s): science fiction, short fiction, flash fiction
Wordcount: 997 (eligible for most Flash or Short Story categories)
Two aging cyborgs run into competition when they attempt to salvage a deep space prize.

The Coven of TAOS-9
“The Coven of TAOS-9”

Genre(s): short fiction, anthology, speculative fiction
Wordcount: 4,288 (eligible for most Short Story categories)
A coven of witches strives to keep friendship and magic sacred under capitalist pressure from the space station that hired them to keep its wormholes open.

Self-Publishing Formatting Guidelines
Self-Publishing Formatting Guidelines

Graphic Standards and Best Practices (Jun 3 2021 | R J Theodore)
Genre(s): writing tips, non fiction, self-publishing, related works
Eligible as a Related Work
A guide to creating a uniform look for your indie publishing imprint, along with considerations such as font choice, trim size, and more.


The Phantom Travelogues (Aug 24 2021 | Robot Dinosaur Press)
Genre(s): science fiction
Wordcount: 20,662 (eligible for most Novella categories)
Alien sisters chronicle the strange worlds visited by Harrow's Tusk in this illustrated travelogue.

2 Works published in 2022 (eligible for next year's awards)

Gort, Cinder, and Sphinx
“Gort, Cinder, and Sphinx”

In Bridge to Elsewhere
Genre(s): anthology, science fiction, short fiction, speculative fiction
Wordcount: 3,450 (eligible for most Short Story categories)
Two planet jackers get a dangerously irresistible contract offer from an anonymous client.


Book One of The Peridot Shift (Aug 24 2021 | Parvus Press, Robot Dinosaur Press)
Genre(s): Science Fantasy
Wordcount: 120,000 (eligible for most Novel categories)
A scrappy group of outsiders take a job to salvage some old ring from Peridot's gravity-caught garbage layer, and land squarely in the middle of a plot to take over (and possibly destroy) what's left of the already tormented planet.