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4 Works published in 2021

Illustration by Maria Korolov based on image by Wilbert_Rodriguez via Pixabay.
“A Ship With No Parrot”

Genre(s): science fiction, short fiction, flash fiction
Wordcount: 997 (eligible for most Flash or Short Story categories)
Two aging cyborgs run into competition when they attempt to salvage a deep space prize.

The Coven of TAOS-9
“The Coven of TAOS-9”

Genre(s): short fiction, anthology, speculative fiction
Wordcount: 4,288 (eligible for most Short Story categories)
A coven of witches strives to keep friendship and magic sacred under capitalist pressure from the space station that hired them to keep its wormholes open.

Self-Publishing Formatting Guidelines
Self-Publishing Formatting Guidelines

Graphic Standards and Best Practices (03 Jun 2021 | R J Theodore)
Genre(s): writing tips, non fiction, self-publishing, related works
Eligible as a Related Work
A guide to creating a uniform look for your indie publishing imprint, along with considerations such as font choice, trim size, and more.


The Phantom Travelogues (24 Aug 2021 | Robot Dinosaur Press)
Genre(s): science fiction
Wordcount: 20,662 (eligible for most Novella categories)
Alien sisters chronicle the strange worlds visited by Harrow's Tusk in this illustrated travelogue.

6 Works published in 2022 (eligible for next year's awards)


In Fireside Magazine
Genre(s): flash fiction, short fiction, speculative fiction, horror, body horror
Wordcount: 670 (eligible for most Flash or Short Story categories)
A human transforms after one of life's unpleasant interruptions.

Gort, Cinder, and Sphinx
“Gort, Cinder, and Sphinx”

In Bridge to Elsewhere
Genre(s): anthology, science fiction, short fiction, speculative fiction
Wordcount: 3,450 (eligible for most Short Story categories)
Two planet jackers get a dangerously irresistible contract offer from an anonymous client.

Singing the Ancient Out of the Dark
“Singing the Ancient Out of the Dark”

In Lightspeed Magazine
Genre(s): short fiction, science fiction
Wordcount: 4,100 (eligible for most Short Story categories)
A mercenary archivist will stop at nothing to capture the history of a lost colony for the first time. But will the colony's ghosts capture her first?

The Glow Keeper
“The Glow Keeper”

In Robot Dinosaur Press
Genre(s): Science Fantasy, science fiction, speculative fiction
Wordcount: 4,100 (eligible for most Short Story categories)
A cozy, low-stakes story about the glow keepers that tend the precious floating pumpkins, to keep the skies lit and the airways marked for Peridot's airships.

Love & Pickpockets
“Love & Pickpockets”

In Newsletter Subscriber Exclusive (03 Jun 2021)
Genre(s): Science Fantasy, science fiction, self-publishing, short fiction
Wordcount: 8,000 (eligible for most Novelette categories)
Talis tries to blend in at an aristocratic party where an expensive new prize is being shown off to the well-to-do. But she isn't there for the star of the show. She'll have to use her wits and her wiles to get the host's son to show her the rest of the estate's treasures so she can steal what she was sent for, all while struggling to breathe in a gods-rotted corset.

Gods-Rotted Escort Mission
“Gods-Rotted Escort Mission”

In Patreon Supporter Exclusive (03 Jun 2021)
Genre(s): short fiction, Science Fantasy, science fiction
Wordcount: 12,000 (eligible for most Novelette categories)
The crew of Wind Sabre must protect two young lovers long enough to collect the bounty on them