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3 Works published in 2019

Hunger and the Green
Hunger and the Green

A Peridot Novella (Oct 22 2019 | Creative Jay)
Genre(s): Science Fantasy
Wordcount: 34,400 (eligible for most Novella categories)
An alchemist exhausts herself to save her brother even though his body is long gone. When a smuggler brings her a living mermaid as a vessel for his fading soul, everything comes apart at the seams.

The Silent Fringe
The Silent Fringe

Phantom Traveler Book Two (Aug 27 2019 | Creative Jay)
Genre(s): science fiction
Wordcount: 48,300 (eligible for most Novel categories)
Ehli is an Iscillian, genetically crafted to serve her ship and its owners. After she inadvertently emancipates herself from the people who own her, she must evade re-capture in the FTL realm known as dimspace. She's happy to exist where no one can find her, until she discovers a planet full of Iscillian who are scheduled for the same life of servitude she has just escaped. Can she save more of her people from that fate without losing her ship, her freedom, or her life?


Book Two of The Peridot Shift (Sep 3 2019 | Parvus Press)
Genre(s): Science Fantasy
Wordcount: 169,100 (eligible for most Novel categories)
A crew of salvagers barely escaped corruption and conspiracy with their lives. Now they plot to shine a light on the dirty dealings of Peridot's enemies, but their own enemies are will bring trouble to their doorstep to stop them from telling people what they know.

Meran's CataclysmFlotsamSalvageHunger and the Green
The Peridot Shift is eligible for Best Series

Meran's Cataclysm, Flotsam, Salvage, and Hunger and the Green
This series contains 4 entries for a total of 318167 words.
On a planet cracked open by ancient magic, outlaws and pirates are the only ones with what it takes to save Peridot from its next apocalyptic threat.

1 Work published in 2020 (eligible for next year's awards)

A Future in Color
“A Future in Color”

Published in Glitter + Ashes: tales of a queer world that wouldn't die (Sep 15 2020 | Neon Hemlock Press)
Genre(s): short fiction, post-apocalypse, anthology
Wordcount: 2,100 (eligible for most Short Story categories)
A motorcycle courier transports precious cargo through a post-apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by the scavenger dregs of humanity. What is so precious to be worth the risk?