Upcoming Event Schedule

Events such as conferences, book signings, virtual panels, and more.

If you can't have me sign your printed books in person, I am happy to send you a signed, self-adhesive bookplate.

Just send a SASE Invitation-sized envelope to:

R J Theodore
PO Box 8137
New Fairfield, CT 06812

Please indicate which book(s) it is for. If your SASE is big enough, I will also include 8.5 x 5.5 inch postcards. Please note you will need to provide extra postage for the postcards (ask your post office clerk for help).

Alternately, you can contact Byrd's Books to have me pop in to sign your purchase before they ship it to you (contact them directly rather than ordering through their indielite store, and let them know you'd like it signed).

Scheduled Events

Sorry, no events are scheduled at this time. Please subscribe to the newsletter for announcements of future events and other appearances by the author.

You can also check out past podcasts, blog posts, and other appearances.