Pre-order Cast Off and get a mailer of Peridot SWAG!

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Those of you who've been along for the ride for a while know I love to do little rewards for pre-orders of upcpoming titles. Well, Cast Off — as the final, final, final! book in the Peridot Shift trilogy — shall be no different!

The pre-order for Salvage was really fun to create, but because of its bulk, I could only send it to US-ians, and that's frustrating for me. I want to share with all, and of course sales wise, I want to be able to reward folks everywhere!

To solve that, I've figured out a way to create a pack of items that will all fit in a standard #10 envelope, mailable in the US with my hoarded collection of forever stamps, and I can send it overseas with far less costs associated than if it were a package.

So, do look forward to being included no matter where you are on Earth! (And then we just cross our fingers that the postal service Alchemists are kind!)

So, here's how it works!


  1. Pre-order Cast Off.
    Which format?
    However you prefer to read! ebook, paperback, hardcover, or large print! Folks ask me which best supports me, and the answer is: whichever means you'll read it sooner so I can hear you yell at me about what a punchable waste of breath Hankirk is!
    Which bookstore?
    Totally up to you! If you have a relationship with a store, I don't want to shove my way in between. You may need to bring the ISBN number along to make the request, and you can find the one you need on the Cast Off book page on this site, under the Book History table. Folks ask me which best supports me, and this does have an answer of the aerio shop listed in my Buy Books page, but I don't want to undercut you supporting your local indie bookstore. Or heck, if you don't have a local indie store, you can use mine! Byrd's Books in Bethel, CT has long been a supporter of my books.
  2. Hang on to your receipt.
    Scan a paper receipt, save a downloadable receipt, star an emailed receipt, or screencap your order history page. As long as it shows the title "Cast Off" and the date of December 5, 2022, or earlier, you're good! Oh, and as long as you remember where you put it (I say with zero personal experience of losing anything ^_^')
  3. When your book arrives, snap a photo!
    Please snap a photo showing the cover of the physical book, or displayed on an eReader screen!
    I'd love if you'd hold up the book for a selfie, but I'm not going to push you to do that if you're not comfortable with it. Maybe show the cover with your favorite pet-shaped reading companion instead? Set out on a tabletop is fine, too. I'm probably going to show this off, so maybe exclude your pile of clean laundry? (Your call, though! I don't judge!)
  4. Send the following to :
    ✓ That receipt you saved in Step 2
    ✓ Your photo of the book from Step 3 (and please tell me if it's okay for me to share it on social media)
    ✓ A mailing address where I can safely send you a #10 envelope of goodies, including the name for the top of the address (people forget this a lot!)
    ✓ Bonus (for me, only if you want): Any thoughts/comments you have about the Peridot Shift series up to where you've read so far (e.g. I'd love your pre-read guesses of what's going to happen in the conclusion!)

When I receive your email, I'll get those gifty goodies out to you within short order!

Thank you for considering pre-ordering, and a big BIG thank you to anyone who buys the books, at any time!

A horizontal banner showing three different formats of the book Cast Off against a faded backdrop of Peridot's floating islands. All art by Julie Dillon.a spread displaying the three books in the Peridot Shift trilogy: Flotsam, Salvage, and Cast Off. Cast Off is set apart against a torn plum-colored band, upon which is displayed the message "The Peridot Shift concludes with the release of CAST OFF December 6, 2022"