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2nd Edition of Flotsam

If you're an enthusiastic book reviewer, I invite you to log into NetGalley this month and download the ebook of Flotsam for review!

Flotsam re-releases in a special new Second Edition on February 2nd as Robot Dinosaur Press makes plans to publish the entire series in 2022. There has been a fresh set of dev, line, and copy edits performed on the manuscript, and Julie Dillon has illustrated a new cover. For the first time, the novel will be available in hardcover and large format.

If you already enjoyed and remember Flotsam, thank you! Not so much has changed that you would need to read it again (unless your memory is fuzzy), but I hope that the improvements will increase the enjoyment for future readers!

Please refer to the correct ISBN data below, to be certain you don't order the 2018 version.

Meta Data Info:
Duplex Paperback ISBN: 9781956771022
ebook ISBN: 9781956771039
Large print paperback ISBN: 9781956771060
Hardcover ISBN: 9781956771053
Genre(s): Science Fantasy, 424 pages (Novel)
Subcategories: Steampunk, adventure
Series: The Peridot Shift (Book One)

2nd Ed Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/59738012-flotsam

Thanks for your consideration!