Salvage Content Warnings & Tags

Salvage Content Warnings & Tags

Science Fantasy content warnings ao3 tags

Content Warnings:

Assassination attempts, poverty, violence toward children, genocide plots, bigotry, racism, classism, obsessive ex-lover, violence, grief and loss, religious dogma, law breaking, torture, manipulation, blood loss, hostage situations, near drowning, anxiety, frustration, guilt, lies and deception, betrayal

AO3 Tags:

long term plan to get your life back, doing whatever it takes, sacrificing everything even coffee, unintentional exile, determined to pay the bastards back for what they've done, chased by dinosaurs through a jungle, bank heist, sky chanteys, getting closer to your gods, airships and the girls who love them, asexual engineer girl, demi gay boy, nonbinary pronouns as far as the eye can see, alchemy and the art of aeronautical trickery, trans femme woman, characters with disability rep, when you really need a restraining order against a past lover, alien plots to overthrow governments, magical artifacts, it's gonna get worse before it gets better, using one robot body to try and overpower another, deities who lie, mutinies, steampunk space ships, gods are we really running another salvage job?, what a ship means is freedom, crotchety artisans and the fortunes they deserve for their work, coffee stains on wood countertops, reliving the glory days, did I mention dinoaurs?, oh yeah and zombies

SALVAGE is available in Digital and Print. Please be sure to read FLOTSAM first.