Suspense & Tension for Your Audio Enjoyment

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'Tis the season for scares and chills, and as such, Hunger and the Green's audio edition releases October 4th!

Hunger and the Green came from a story I'd imagined long long ago, in the early days of writing the Peridot series. While I waited for the pace of publishing to take its course as Flotsam was first entering the world, I finally sat down and penned the tale, discovering that it had links to perhaps the most famous horror SFF in history, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. I leaned into those parallels a bit, though I think I was a bit kinder to Ada in the ending than Shelley was to the unhappy doctor.

I included Hunger and the Green in the timeline of Peridot Shift books, and sometimes I wonder if that was the right idea, as it means there's a certain point where it's best to read the novella. In the original release period of 2019, I think more people knew that Hunger and the Green had come out than Salvage, which was the wrong order for people to discover the books. So please, make sure you've tucked into and finished Salvage (assuming you plan to) before you read this one.

Okay, having cleared the air on that now, Hunger and the Green is coming to audio!!! Narrator Jenn Dupree did an amazing job on the story, especially making sure that Zhook gets under your skin with every word. And of course I will never stop loving the amazing cover art by Ashe Samuels. I'm really excited to have this audio edition for you to enjoy, available from any audio source except the 'Zon, whose audiobook business practices are not favorable to authors. I recommend Chirp or to support local bookshops, but it's also availabe on Google Play, Apple, Bingebooks, and Storytel, or you can purchase the audio files directly from me via Gumroad and Payhip (they don't allow me to schedule version releases, so there's a teaser file for now and you can come back and get the full book once I make it live on the 4th). I think I might also be able to get it listed in my aerio shop once it releases.

It's horror, it's queer, it's frightening, it's soul wrenching, and it's satisfying. I am so proud of this book. Please enjoy under a blanket on a dark and stormy night if possible!