Return Visit: Tales from the Trunk podcast

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In my second* stop-in over at Tales from the Trunk podcast, host Hilary Bisenieks and I were largely on-topic to discuss NaNoWriMo, since the episode coincides with November and I am "Municipal Liaison" to my NaNoWriMo region (a title which, for the most part, means "volunteer trying to gather panicked and busy authors into a schedule of co-writing sessions and trying to encourage them to keep writing even when they fall behind schedule").

In addition to an admin role for my region, I also have spent a not-insignificant amount of NaNoWriMo events trying to write what you now would recognize as the Peridot Shift! So the conversation wends on about trying too hard to get a book just right in 30 days, for each book in my trilogy, until I finally learn that NaNoWriMo is about just having fun. Not sure I've still taken the lesson perfectly to heart, but at least on record, I sound like I understand it. ;)

Take a listen! As a fun bonus, the episode includes me reading two different versions of Flotsam's first three pages. I uncovered Flotsam's ORIGINAL first three pages a couple weeks after appearing on this podcast and wow, did they make this version sound practically publishable!

If you missed listening to my first episode on Trunkcast in May of last year, you can listen to that one, too!