R J Theodore | Works

The Origin of the Deadlands

Short Story: “The Origin of the Deadlands”

Published in Festival of the Deadlands (31 Oct 2022)

A very brief summary of how The Deadlands came to be, written for The Deadlands magazine.

The Application of Strawberry Lip Gloss in a Low-Gravity Environment

Short Story: “The Application of Strawberry Lip Gloss in a Low-Gravity Environment”

Published in Lightspeed (Issue 148) (01 Sep 2022)

A young bounty hunter takes on a shipmate to help make ends meet.

Hunger and the GreenLove & PickpocketsGods-Rotted Escort MissionThe Glow KeeperMeran's Cataclysm

Facets (Tales of Peridot) Series

Side stories, back stories, and more, from the fractured world of Peridot. The characters you love, living, thriving, or dealing with the fallout from the novels' misadventures.

Hunger and the Green (04 Oct 2022)
Love & Pickpockets (27 Sep 2022)
Gods-Rotted Escort Mission (30 Jan 2022)
The Glow Keeper (10 Mar 2022)
Meran's Cataclysm (30 Jan 2022)

A Ship With No Parrot

Short Story: “A Ship With No Parrot”

Published in The Best of Metastellar - Year One (digital) (29 Jul 2022)

Two aging cyborgs run into competition when they attempt to salvage a deep space prize.

Gort, Cinder, and Sphinx

Short Story: “Gort, Cinder, and Sphinx”

Published in Bridge to Elsewhere (05 Jul 2022)

Two planet jackers get a dangerously irresistible contract offer from an anonymous client.

FlotsamSalvageCast Off

The Peridot Shift Series

On a planet cracked open by ancient magic, outlaws and pirates are the only ones with what it takes to save Peridot from its next apocalyptic threat.

Flotsam (01 Feb 2022)
Salvage (05 Jul 2022)
Cast Off (06 Dec 2022)

Singing the Ancient Out of the Dark

Short Story: “Singing the Ancient Out of the Dark”

Published in Lightspeed Magazine (01 Jul 2022)
Co-written with Maurice Broaddus
A mercenary archivist will stop at nothing to capture the history of a lost colony for the first time. But will the colony's ghosts capture her first?

Indie Files: Make the Most of New Book Announcements

Short Story: “Indie Files: Make the Most of New Book Announcements”

Published in SFWA.org (18 May 2022)

Announcing a new book or showing off a new cover can get you a spike of attention. Tips to capitalize on that momentary boost.


Short Story: “Oversharing”

Published in Fireside Magazine (01 Feb 2022)

A human transforms after one of life's unpleasant interruptions.

The Coven of TAOS-9

Short Story: “The Coven of TAOS-9”

Published in Unfettered Hexes: Queer Tales of Insatiable Darkness (31 Oct 2021)

A coven of witches strives to keep friendship and magic sacred under capitalist pressure from the space station that hired them to keep its wormholes open.

Self-Publishing Formatting Guidelines

Self-Publishing Formatting Guidelines

(03 Jun 2021)

A guide to creating a uniform look for your indie publishing imprint, along with considerations such as font choice, trim size, and more.

The BantamThe Silent FringeUnderway

Phantom Traveler Series

An invertebrate alien serving maintenance duties aboard a cargo freighter is investigated for warranty-voiding behavior after the death of one of her fellow bantams. The murder investigation sends her on a journey of rebellion, independence, and danger.

The Bantam (11 Dec 2018)
The Silent Fringe (27 Aug 2019)
Underway (24 Aug 2021)

A Future in Color

Short Story: “A Future in Color”

Published in Glitter + Ashes: queer tales of a world that wouldn't die (15 Sep 2020)

A motorcycle courier transports precious cargo through a post-apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by the scavenger dregs of humanity. What is so precious to be worth the risk?