R J Theodore | Works

The BantamThe Silent Fringe

Phantom Traveler Series

An invertebrate alien serving maintenance duties aboard a cargo freighter is investigated for warranty-voiding behavior after the death of one of her fellow bantams. The murder investigation leads her into a future of rebellion, independence, and danger.

The Bantam (Jan 11 2018)
The Silent Fringe (Aug 27 2019)

Meran's CataclysmFlotsamSalvageHunger and the Green

The Peridot Shift Series

On a planet cracked open by ancient magic, outlaws and pirates are the only ones with what it takes to save Peridot from its next apocalyptic threat.

Meran's Cataclysm (Mar 25 2018)
Flotsam (Mar 27 2018)
Salvage (Sep 3 2019)
Hunger and the Green (Oct 22 2019)

A Future in Color

Short Story: “A Future in Color”

Published in Glitter + Ashes: tales of a queer world that wouldn't die on Sep 15 2020
A motorcycle courier transports precious cargo through a post-apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by the scavenger dregs of humanity. What is so precious to be worth the risk?