A Future in Color

“A Future in Color”

Appears in Glitter + Ashes: queer tales of a world that wouldn't die

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A Future in Color

Published in Glitter + Ashes: tales of a queer world that wouldn't die

A Future in ColorPublisher: Glitter + Ashes: queer tales of a world that wouldn't die
Genre(s): short fiction, post-apocalypse, anthology
Wordcount: 2,100 (Short Story)

A motorcycle courier transports precious cargo through a post-apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by the scavenger dregs of humanity. What is so precious to be worth the risk?

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Glitter + Ashes: queer tales of a world that wouldn't die

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Glitter + Ashes was nominated for both a Lambda and an Ignyte award for best anthology of 2020.

Praise for A Future in Color

“This well-edited anthology is remarkably tonally cohesive, united by a fresh view of the apocalypse and themes of community, mutual care, and self-actualization in the face of adversity. Readers both queer and otherwise will find much to love in this joyful celebration of difference and the power of choosing tenderness in a tough world.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“[...A] stellar round up of short fiction featuring queer voices and themes. It is hopeful for a bright and warm future despite calamity and chaos. This is the post apocalyptic fiction that we deserve in a world on fire.” — Erin

“Every story gives you something to think about or people to root for or joy in darkness.” — Eboni J. Dunbar

“It’s a wonderful setting, with some great action and a wonderful message. It leans into the post-apocalyptic aesthetic that’s probably the most familiar to people, that Mad Max vibe, but it does it with cities of queer people not wiling to let the voices and beauty of the past and present be lost forever. A fantastic read!” — Charles Payseur

“[...] an allegory for the interdependent nature of artistic endeavors, not to mention life in general.” — Arley Sorg

“Rarely does a small press put together something so good so early on. If Neon Hemlock continues this kind of work, they are destined to become of the best indie presses around.” — Arley Sorg

RJT Tropes:

found families, with friends anything is possible, friends helping friends, explorations of self amid crisis, identity shit

Publication History
15 Sep 2020Illustration: Grace Fong; Titling and Layout: dave ring; Editor: dave ringGlitter + Ashes: queer tales of a world that wouldn't dieEnglish