Gods-Rotted Escort Mission

“Gods-Rotted Escort Mission”

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Gods-Rotted Escort Mission

Gods-Rotted Escort MissionPublisher: Patreon Supporter Exclusive
Genre(s): short fiction, Science Fantasy, science fiction
Wordcount: 12,000 (Novelette)
Series: Facets (Tales of Peridot)

The crew of Wind Sabre must protect two young lovers long enough to collect the bounty on them

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When Talis and crew finally score a bounty worth pursuing, it turns out to be more complicated than it first sounded (because of course it is). Now they've got to simultaneously keep other bounty hunters off their trail and figure out how to get the most for a troublesome pair of passengers.

RJT Tropes:

found families, if you want something done right you have to runaway from home and do it yourself, with friends anything is possible, human trafficking, parental pressures, sky pirates, airships, piratical shenanigans, adventure in the open skies, rum

Content Notes:

classism, anxiety, tension surrounding rule breaking,

Publication History
30 Jan 2022 (English) from Patreon Supporter ExclusivePatreon Supporter ExclusiveEnglish