Hunger and the Green

Hunger and the Green

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Hunger and the Green

A Peridot Novella

Hunger and the GreenEdited by: Amanda Rutter
Publisher: Robot Dinosaur Press
Genre(s): Science Fantasy
Wordcount: 34,400 (Novella)
Series: Facets (Tales of Peridot)

An alchemist exhausts herself to save her brother even though his body is long gone. When a smuggler brings her a living mermaid as a vessel for his fading soul, everything comes apart at the seams.

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This description and this book contain spoilers for the author's Peridot Shift series. It is recommended that you read Flotsam and Salvage first!

A gothic horror set in the world of Peridot, Mary Shelley's influence permeates this magic-infused tale of hubris, horror, and obsession.

Following the events of Peridot Shift Book Two, Salvage, a Yu'Nyun gas released on the trade winds is tearing people's souls from them, leaving their bodies violent, anguished husks. Ada's brother, Elias, is one of many of the foul winds' victims.

Launching a desperate plan to bring him back, Ada hires a bounty hunter to procure an empty body for her brother's preserved quintessence. If Ada can re-bond Elias's soul to this new body, the can help the other citizens of Peridot who were similarly devastated.

But when the bounty hunter brings her a mermaid, one of Onaya Bone's dangerous experiments, Ada's plan for redemption spirals into a hellish nightmare. The flesh-eating mermaid may not have a soul, but she won't allow Elias to have her body without a fight.

Praise for Hunger and the Green

“I’ve always said Fantasy didn’t have enough unethical surgery. Thank goodness for Dr. Theodore.” — John Wiswell

“With swift, turn of the scalpel action and tension that kept me gasping for air, R J Theodore’s lush writing and wonderful characters really build a monster of a horror novella.” — Jordan Kurella

“I let this book sit in my TBR for FAR too long because it was friggen awesome! This is brief, queer, Frankenstein retelling that really threw me for a loop in the best way! What I geeked out about after first reading Peridot (I've read it a couple times now) were the vampiric, flying, "skymerms" as I dubbed them in all caps in my original review. This story centers around one of these skymerms and what a trip it was. If you enjoy the rest of the series, definitely read this.” — Millie Hennessy

RJT Tropes:

race against time, ultimate sacrifice, mad scientists, friends helping friends, dangerous behaviors, female protagonist, specialized skills, loneliness, violence, peril, problem solving with no second chances, sky pirates, skymerms, airships, magical items, adventure in the open skies, alchemical secrets, steampunk aeronautic whirlygigs and whosiewhats, falling in love while facing danger, soul transplants, a long series of bad choices

Content Notes:

threat of death, isolation, anxiety, guilt, survival, tension surrounding rule breaking,, hurting the ones we care about, murder, blood, fear, mental breakdown

Book History

Cover ArtDateLanguageISBNPublisherFormatNotes
22 Oct 2019 English ebook from Creative Jay22 Oct 2019English978-1-7325259-6-2
Creative JayebookIllustration: Ashe Samuels
Titling and Layout: Creative Jay
22 Oct 2019 English paperback from Creative Jay22 Oct 2019English978-1-7325259-7-9
Creative JaypaperbackIllustration: Ashe Samuels
Titling and Layout: Creative Jay
04 Oct 2022 English audiobook from Robot Dinosaur Press04 Oct 2022English978-1-956771-00-8
Robot Dinosaur PressaudiobookRelease date: 10/4/22 Cover by Ashe Samuels Narrated by Jenn Dupree
04 Oct 2022 English audiobook from Robot Dinosaur Press04 Oct 2022English978-1-956771-01-5 (Library Edition)
Robot Dinosaur PressaudiobookRelease date: 10/4/22 Cover by Ashe Samuels Narrated by Jenn Dupree