Love & Pickpockets

“Love & Pickpockets”

Appears in CROOKED V2

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Love & Pickpockets

Published in Facets: Tales of Peridot

Love & PickpocketsEdited by: Jessie Kwak
Publisher: CROOKED V2
Genre(s): Science Fantasy, science fiction, self-publishing, short fiction
Wordcount: 8,000 (Novelette)
Series: Facets (Tales of Peridot)

Talis tries to blend in at an aristocratic party where an expensive new prize is being shown off to the well-to-do. But she isn't there for the star of the show. She'll have to use her wits and her wiles to get the host's son to show her the rest of the estate's treasures so she can steal what she was sent for, all while struggling to breathe in a gods-rotted corset.

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"But she had a contract, and Talis never turned her back on a contract. Even if it took eleven winches to force herself into a corset."

Welcome to CROOKED V.2, the second volume of sci-fi crime stories edited by Jessie Kwak.

In this volume you’ll find 18 stories of mayhem and tangled loyalties. Bounty hunters chase targets who aren’t what they seem. Private eyes hunt wrongdoers in mean, futuristic streets—and are hunted in return. Easy jobs go wrong. Hunted bounties get wily. Mysteries are solved, only to lead to more horrifying mysteries.

Sometimes the bad guys win, sometimes the good guys do. And, hey. It’s a crime anthology. Most of the time it’ll be pretty damn hard to tell the two apart. These folks are just trying to do their best (or not) in morally gray worlds.

This anthology contains stories by C.E. Clayton, Austin Dragon, Jim Keen, G.J. Ogden, Patrick Swenson, Maddi Davidson, Kate Sheeran Swed, Frasier Armitage, Mark Teppo, E.L. Strife, Greg Dragon, William Burton McCormick, Erik Grove, Mark Niemann-Ross, Caitlin Demaris McKenna, R J Theodore, Andrew Sweet, and Jessie Kwak.

Praise for Love & Pickpockets

“A well-organized collection of science fiction short stories, encompassing a unique and interesting range of futuristic topics. This collection offers stories from a wide variety of authors and uses a creative prompt at the conclusion of each story to guide readers with making choices about their reading preferences. What a great way to encourage reading!” — dorisharvey1

RJT Tropes:

dangerous behaviors, friends helping friends, female protagonist, peril, sky pirates, macguffin(s), piratical shenanigans, ancient texts, explorations of self amid crisis, found families, contract thievery

Content Notes:

tension surrounding rule breaking,, classism, peril

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