Meran's Cataclysm

“Meran's Cataclysm”

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Meran's Cataclysm

Meran's CataclysmPublisher: Direct from the Author
Genre(s): Science Fantasy
Wordcount: 900 (Short Story)
Series: Facets (Tales of Peridot)

Peridot's Cataclysm, told from the perspective of Meran.

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RJT Tropes:

refuse to surrender, mad scientists, carry a grudge, symbiotic relationships, peril, graphic descriptions of metamorphosis, magical items, ancient texts, alchemical secrets, oops destroyed the world

Content Notes:

threat of death, anxiety, survival, murder, fear, peril, blood

Publication History
30 Jan 2022 (English) from Direct from the AuthorDirect from the AuthorEnglish
25 Mar 2018 (English) from R J Theodore NewsletterR J Theodore NewsletterEnglish