Gort, Cinder, and Sphinx

“Gort, Cinder, and Sphinx”

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Gort, Cinder, and Sphinx

Gort, Cinder, and SphinxEdited by: Julia Rios and Alana Joli Abbott
Publisher: Bridge to Elsewhere
Genre(s): anthology, science fiction, short fiction, speculative fiction
Wordcount: 3,450 (Short Story)

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Two planet jackers get a dangerously irresistible contract offer from an anonymous client.

RJT Tropes:

save the galaxy, who needs a hero, with friends anything is possible, friends helping friends, female protagonist, dangerous behaviors, specialized skills, FTL travel, Every spaceship needs a cat

Publication History
31 Jul 2022 (English) from Bridge to ElsewhereBridge to ElsewhereEnglish