The Silent Fringe

The Silent Fringe

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The Silent Fringe

Phantom Traveler Book Two

The Silent FringeEdited by: Amanda Rutter
Publisher: Robot Dinosaur Press
Genre(s): science fiction
Wordcount: 48,300 (Novel)
Series: Phantom Traveler

After Ehli inadvertently exiles herself to the extra-dimensional realm known as dimspace, she discovers a planet full of iscillian who are scheduled for the same life she recently escaped. Can she save more of her people from that fate without losing her ship, her freedom, or her life?

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An engineering failure has left Ehli stranded between the layers of reality. Her only companion is BEETL—a scarab drone programmed to terminate any iscillian who endangers the ship.

Ehli definitely qualifies.

She must repair the ship’s disabled gate drive to free them from dimspace. But once she does, will she be free to search for her homeworld, or will BEETL’s deadly protocols activate the moment she fails to set course for an impound dock?

When Ehli inadvertently involves another iscillian in her trouble, it’s not just her own life she’s risking.

The rebellious engineer must solve both moral and technical quandaries before she destroys another crew.

Praise for The Silent Fringe

“RJ has such a creative imagination!! I have become completely obsessed with all her work and own every book. Her style is so descriptive you can feel the emotions of the characters. Her books are hard to put down. I go to read a chapter and relax, but end up finishing the book instead. You won't be disappointed.” — Kim Rose

RJT Tropes:

she can taste you with her skin, found families, with friends anything is possible, bounty hunters, flock of space gulls, friends helping friends, explorations of self amid crisis, aliens who paint, low key whodunnit mystery, AI, radiation sickness, humanities, female protagonist, FTL travel, under-appreciated talent, no one reads the manual, droids that fly, specialized skills, alien mc, hydrostats, asexual, squishy huggable aliens, cephalopod kinda mollusk-esque, ace, self-discovery, no humans in this, they’ve never even heard of humans, genetic engineering, space mechanics, loneliness, color-shifting skin, secret language, chromatophores and iridiphores, invertebrate punks, identity shit, identities tied to names, peril, searching for answers, AI who might kill you but still needs a hug, Wilson from Cast Away (but as a robot), nonbinary pronouns, cephalopod ship captain, gardening in space, interdimensional puppies, what if you were the ghost all along, problem solving with no second chances, oops killed everyone guess it's my ship now, hugs as cure-all, stuck between dimensions with no travel snacks

Content Notes:

isolation, threat of death, guilt, anxiety, survival, hauntings (of a sort), tension surrounding rule breaking,, hurting the ones we care about, slavery for capitalist benefit

Book History

Cover ArtDateLanguageISBNPublisherFormatNotes
27 Aug 2019 English ebook from Robot Dinosaur Press27 Aug 2019English978-1-7325259-4-8
Robot Dinosaur PressebookIllustration: Galen Dara
Titling and Layout: Creative Jay
27 Aug 2019 English paperback from Robot Dinosaur Press27 Aug 2019English978-1-7325259-5-5
Robot Dinosaur PresspaperbackIllustration: Galen Dara
Titling and Layout: Creative Jay