The Silent Fringe Content Notes & Tags

ao3 tags content warnings science fiction

Content Notes:

isolation, threat of death, guilt, anxiety, survival, hauntings (of a sort), tension surrounding rule breaking, hurting the ones we care about, slavery for capitalist benefit

Look Forward To:

asexual relationships, searching for answers, AI who might kill you but still needs a hug, Wilson from Cast Away (but as a robot), nonbinary pronouns, cephalopod ship captain, characters who practice fine art, gardening in space, interdimensional puppies, what if you were the ghost all along, problem solving with no second chances, oops killed everyone guess it's my ship now, hugs as cure-all, aliens who paint, explorations of self amid crisis, humanities, female protagonist, alien MC, hydrostats, cephalopod kinda mollusk esque, squishy and huggable, no human characters at all actually, hovering droids, FTL travel, genetic engineering, secret languages, identity shit, choosing your own name, stuck between dimensions with no travel snacks