Just Two Weeks Left to Get Some Peridot SWAG!


It's amazing!

There are just over two weeks remaining before Cast Off releases and the Peridot Shift trilogy is complete!

Please excuse me as I pause to just take a deep breath. As I sit down and take a moment to look back at the road I've traveled to get here, and have a nice cup of coffee.

I can't express how strange this concept of being done with the trilogy is to me. I did have a conversation, actually, about that with Hilary of the Tales from the Trunk podcast and if you follow me on the various social media platforms you will see me reflecting on that a bit more, no doubt.

This post wasn't supposed to be about that. I wanted to remind everyone who has pre-ordered a copy of Cast Off that come launch day, when you receive your copy to send a photo of your book (in whatever format) and a copy of your receipt, dated December 5th 2022 or earlier, to castoff[at]rjtheodore[doot-doot-doot!]com along with the mailing address where you'd like me to send the goodies. In short order, I will mail you an envelope of thanks for your purchase and support!

If you'll recall, for Salvage, I sent out a little gift that unfortunately weighed enough that I couldn't send it internationally, but this time I can toss all these bits, each of which are paper-based, into a #10 envelope and send it anywhere we need!

These stickers include the drawings of those darned rings at the heart of the story's plot created by inkshark and colored in by me later, plus the illustrations I created for the chapters. Now they are shaded in a tasty sepia for setting the mood on your bullet journal or wherever you enjoy applying little stickers in your life.

In addition, there's a temporary tattoo of Kirna's design from Salvage (which, if you've read, you know that's for [SPOILERS]). There'll also be a signed bookplate featuring a personalized note atop Nexus by Julie Dillon for inserting into your printed edition (I don't recommend applying a sticker to the title page on your ereader, it doesn't work quite like we'd hope).

It's that simple! I'm just so thrilled to have accomplished this major point in the Peridot Shift process. Being done! It's hard to believe it has happened. That in two weeks, Cast Off will release and I will have accomplished the feat!

I'm so grateful for those of you who have come along for the ride, and for folks who wander along and discover this trilogy later! I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Be well, and thank you again for all your support! I wouldn't have reached this point without the love and feedback from my readers. You're all awesome!

In a leather line wooden tray, various ship’s instruments sit in a scatter of peridot chips before the entries in the Peridot Shift novel trilogy: Flotsam on the far left, Salvage in the middle, and Cast Off on the right.A yellow traffic warning sign that displays a car which has impacted into a triceratops with the text "PAY ATTENTION"on a purple counter, a spread of sticker sheets along with a signed book plate and a temporary tattoo.