Free to Read: "Singing the Ancient Out of the Dark"

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The cover of Lightspeed Magazine of Science Fiction & Fantasy Issue 146 (July 2022) edited by JJ Abrams, showing a skeleton in a space suit appearing to float up toward some cosmic light. Beside it is a quote from the story being referenced: "I’m here to follow a rumor—passed to the ICC by a high-ranking official within Andaman—that the population on Marin Nine has dwindled to near extinction. That makes their archival a priority one mission—and must be why those empty suits brought me in rather than one of their licensed cultural attachés. No matter our fraught history, they know I get the job done." From "Singing the Ancient Out of the Dark" by R J Theodore & Maurice Broaddus. Behind the quote is a semi-transparent field of sand with a single line of footsteps.

Beginning today, the short story I co-wrote with Maurice Broaddus is available to read on Lightspeed Magazine without a subscription (though of course we'd appreciate if you subscribe or purchase the issue to support short speculative fiction magazine publishing)!

This short piece follows an archaeologist-for-hire, someone willing to go where others dare not, as she explores a colony that was lost long ago. Or were they found?

I co-wrote this over the course of several months with the ever excellent Maurice Broaddus. It was a delight to work on with him, and our styles blended together quite naturally. I don't, with the exception of a phrase here or there that I remember being surprised by, know which words were his and which were mine. So let's just call it "ours."

I hope you enjoy this story and, if you have a moment, please share it with a friend who you think would also enjoy it!

Read "Singing the Ancient Out of the Dark" from Lightspeed Magazine.