Hunger and the Green Content Warnings & Tags

Hunger and the Green Content Warnings & Tags

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“I’ve always said Fantasy didn’t have enough unethical surgery. Thank goodness for Dr. Theodore.” — John Wiswell, author of The Tentacle and You

Content Warnings:

Murder, obsession, dread, violence toward people with disabilities, grief and loss, religious dogma, law breaking, torture, manipulation, blood loss, unethical surgery, hostage situations, anxiety, frustration, guilt, lies and deception, betrayal, omnipresent threat, prisoner in your own home, breaking taboo, dangerous situations in airships, bargaining with souls, intense dread, unrelenting threats, survival situation, moral ambiguity, morality right off the side of a cliff, experimentation with animals, hiding the bodies

AO3 Tags:

successful businesswoman, close siblings, gas masks in the post apocalypse, doing whatever it takes to save those you love, airships and the girls who love them, properly steeped and served tea, noisy birbs, sweet lesbian love triangle, nonbinary automaton, alchemy and the art of aeronautical trickery, characters with disability rep, you really should have seen this coming, magical artifacts, it's gonna get worse before it gets better, blood stains on wood floors, everyone else has retold Frankenstein so I will too, zombie plague caused by alien invaders, keeping your brother's soul in a jar what could go wrong, subterranean communities, floating islands, lots of things that glow, wisdom is knowing the doctor was the real monster, our creations and what they take from us, the cost of ambition, think before you leap, maybe leave the violent flesh-eating mermaid in its tank

HUNGER AND THE GREEN is available in Digital and Print.

PLEASE NOTE: This story follows the events of FLOTSAM and SALVAGE and it is recommended you read those first to avoid spoilers.