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I am delighted to announce that Flotsam will be re-releasing to ebook, print, hardback, and large print editions on February 1, 2022.

My long-time readers know this book was first released in 2018 under Parvus Press. When Parvus closed their doors during the pandemic, they left the trilogy unfinished.

This exciting new edition features fresh edits and a new cover (once again from the amazing Julie Dillon). Flotsam kicks off the full release of this science fantasy trilogy that blends alchemical magic, alien invasions, and roguish adventure.

Best of all, the wait for the trilogy's exciting conclusion will at long last be over, with all three books in the trilogy planned for 2022!

Imagine if Jim Butcher’s compelling suspense or Joss Whedon’s witty banter was updated to be modern and inclusive, and you’ll have a sense for what awaits you.


“Combining the best elements of steampunk and space opera, placed in a lavishly detailed and imagined world, Flotsam will hold you firmly till the final page.” —Cat Rambo, author of Beasts of Tabat

“I can't stop thinking about the world of Flotsam. Science-fiction, alchemy, and airships. It's magic.” —Mary Robinette Kowal, author of the Hugo and Nebula award-winning Lady Astronaut series


Captain Talis just wants to keep her airship crew from starving, and maybe scrape up enough cash for some badly needed repairs. When an anonymous client offers a small fortune to root through a pile of atmospheric wreckage, it seems like an easy payday. The job yields an ancient ring, a forbidden secret, and a host of deadly enemies.

Now on the run from cultists with powerful allies, Talis needs to unload the ring as quickly as possible. Her desperate search for a buyer and the fallout from her discovery leads to a planetary battle between a secret society, alien forces, and even the gods themselves.

Talis and her crew have just one desperate chance to make things right before their potential big score destroys them all.


The new edits haven't changed so much that someone with a good memory for the first book would be lost going forward, but if it's been a while, and if you are a completionist for matching book editions, please consider pre-ordering and re-reading Flotsam's second edition!

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ebook: ISBN 9781956771039; US$7.99
Paperback: ISBN 9781956771022; 5/5 x 8.5in US$16.99
Large Print Paperback: ISBN 9781956771060; 7 x 10in US$39.99
Hardcover: ISBN 9781956771053; 5/5 x 8.5in US$27.99