Underway: The Phantom Travelogues, Available for Pre-Order!

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Cover art by Galen Dara, interior illustrations by R J Theodore

The Phantom Traveler series holds a special place in my heart as the quiet contender. The Bantam was my first self-published release and my first published book back in January of 2018. In 2019, I released its sequel, The Silent Fringe. I am always delighted by the overwhelmingly positive feedback I get from readers who love my lonely, squishy iscillian and BEETL, the AI drone programmed full of surprises.

Thanks to my 2019 Patreon supporters, I am able to bring you Underway: The Phantom Travelogues, a collection of twelve short journal entries from the perspective of Jayess, each paired with a full color illustration.

Originally timed patron-exclusive content, these travelogues have been edited, polished, and assembled into the newest release in the Phantom Traveler universe.

This is not a direct sequel to the main entries in the series, rather a collection of Jayess's personal reflections on the worlds the three iscillian sisters encounter as they search for their home-world aboard Harrow's Tusk.

Perfect for fans of Ehli, Sothree, and Jayess (and BEETL!), this book will release on August 24. The distributor is still processing the print files, but you can pre-order the ebook today.

Thanks, as ever, for your support!

Book mockups of digital and print copies of Underway by R J Theodore. The cover illustration is an abstract design by Galen Dara showing alien glyphs amid swirling and geometric shapes.Cropped image of glowing beings crossing a brown and green landscape under a magenta sky, climbing a staircase toward a cave.