Phantom Traveler Re-launch

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silhouette of a robotic T-rex in profile with grasper arms, metal teeth, and an antenna, stomp-stomp-stomping to the leftI’m excited to announce that THE BANTAM and THE SILENT FRINGE have been reissued through Robot Dinosaur Press, an imprint of Chipped Cup Collective.

I joined Chipped Cup to become part of a group of passionate writers and indie publishers, and I’m excited to see what can happen when so many creatives combine forces!

THE BANTAM's entire cover has been updated slightly, as has the back cover on THE SILENT FRINGE. The ISBN and product distribution for these books has not changed, so you should have access to the latest ebook or audio files through the retailer you purchased from, at no extra cost.

If you have not yet purchased the books, they are available through your favorite book retailer (or special order through your local indie bookstore or library). They are also available direct from me via Gumroad (to side-load onto your ereader or access in the Gumroad Library app).

Many people ask me which way I want them to buy my books. I want you to pleasechoose the way that works best for you and your reading habits so you can enjoy the book! Having said that, if you truly have no preference, buying directly from me (via Gumroad or in person at a live event) means I see the most royalties from the sale. Counter to that, if you buy from [major online retailer], you will be able to leave a verified review that will help other people find my books. There are pros and cons to every method, so it really does come back to how you want to support me!